Digital Humanities in the Classroom

Are you interested in using digital humanities resources in your classes, but unsure of where to start? This workshop features an introduction to existing resources for you and your students. In the workshop we will discuss ways of integrating digital assignments into existing courses. In the second part of the workshop we will test online tools for text analysis, experiment with collaborative wikis, and build some maps.

Workshop Leader: Dr. Constance Crompton


Using DH to Meet Existing Learning Outcomes
Hands-on Exercises - Before We Teach, We Tinker
Assignment Design. Working in small groups, participants will design assignments that let students explore, build, and communicate using the principles of tinker-centric pedagogy and the tools of thier choosing:

The list of tools and techniques that we will cover in this workshop is far from exhaustive. If you are looking for a Digital Humanities tool to fit the learning outcomes of one of your current courses, feel free to browse through the tools listed at Project Bamboo.