Before we plan anything for our students we need to take the digital tools for a spin.

  1. Open a Voyant in a new tab
  2. Upload your text into Voyant
  3. Have a look at the panes, each of which has its own toolbar
  4. Clean your data: remove stop words (in options)
  5. Click on any word in the word cloud to see its distribution and context in a new
  6. Export your visualization (in options)
  7. Try some of the other Voyant tools I recommend the Bubblelines and Word Frequency Chart
  8. If you are looking for additional tools, explore IBM's Many Eyes and Elijah Meeks' Network Analysis Toy

The Assignment

Learning Outcomes

What will students who have learned successfully from this assignment understand or be able to do? Should they make exploratory or argumentative visualizations?

Plan the Assignment

What are the steps in this assignment? How will the students experiment, build, and then communicate their work? How does this assignment fit in with the rest of the course?


Design a rubric that clearly articulates fair, good, and excellent process, product, and argument. Link the evaluation to the learning outcomes.

Tutorials and Guidelines

Cultural Context