Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada

The Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project, which I co-direct with Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives archivist Michelle Schwartz, explores the potential of digital research environments to recover Canadian contributions to the gay liberation movement.  The LGLC project reconfigures Donald McLeod’s remarkable Lesbian and Gay Liberation In Canada: A Selected Annotated Chronology volumes 1 and 2, … Read More

Rijeka in Flux

Rijeka in Flux is led by Brigitte LeNormand (UBCO). The project focuses on the consequences of border changes on the city of Rijeka (Fiume) after the Second World War, and aims to shed light on the impact of border changes in 20th century Europe, where such changes have been frequent, highly contentious, and consequential for … Read More

Humanities Data Lab

I am the former director of UBCO’s Humanities Data Lab. The lab houses projects that engage in the work of the humanities–adding value to cultural artifacts through interpretation and analysis–in a digital context. Broadly, all Humanities Data Lab projects investigate code as a sustainable medium for representing cultural history. The stakes are high, as the … Read More

The Devonshire Manuscript: A Social Edition

In 2011-2012 I held a postdoctoral fellowship in Textual Studies and Digital Humanities at the University of Victoria’s Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, where I worked with Professor Raymond Siemens, the Devonshire MS Advisory and Editorial Group and INKE on an editable scholarly edition—in short, a social edition—of the Devonshire Manuscript, a sixteenth-century courtly miscellany. The … Read More

The Yellow Nineties Online

Taking The Yellow Book (1894-97) as its central text, The Yellow Nineties Online is site devoted to fin-de-siècle aesthetic periodicals and the contexts of their production. In addition to publishing facsimile editions of aesthetic periodicals, the site features paratextual material including cover designs, advertising materials, and reviews. The project’s primary material is accompanied by peer-reviewed … Read More

The Confluence of Religious Cultures in Medieval Spanish Historiography

Led by Francisco Peña Fernández, the multidisciplinary team team behind this project understand the interaction between different cultural and religious communities within Medieval Iberia. This project is generating contemporary intercultural, interreligious, and interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration through the study of the confluence of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim biblical interpretation in Medieval Spain. The interdisciplinary team … Read More

Making the Modern Man: Eugen Sandow and Muscled Masculinity

Using the career of the first modern body builder, Eugen Sandow (1867-1925), as its point of entry, my dissertation mapped the intersecting cultural forces that associated the muscular male body with ideal masculinity between 1889 and 1920.  While scholars have examined marginalized gender expressions and sexual identities, they have paid less attention to the historical … Read More